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  • Discovery

    The Discovery phase is used to gain clarity around the decision maker's objectives and ensure that everyone involved has a shared understanding of the situation.

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    Pose the Strategic Question


    Define Scope
    Situation Analysis
    Market Research

  • Framing

    Framing starts with the situational understanding which was developed during the Discovery phase, fleshes it our with all of the issues and problems, pushes the team to come up with creative ideas and alternatives, and lays the foundation for the work to be done during the Evaluation phase.

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    Strategy Map & Table - Creative Approaches
    Expert Facilitation
    Alignment with Objectives


    Decision Hierarchy
    Model Uncertainty

  • Evaluation

    The Evaluation phase seeks insights into the upside potential, the downside risk, and the underlying value drivers in each of the Strategic Themes.

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    Decision Tree, Risk vs. Reward, Portfolio Management, Sensitivity Analysis, Value of Information, Value of Control, Qualitative Assessment


    Probabilistic Modeling, Organizational Impact

  • Planning

    Once a strategy has been agreed, many companies make the mistake of trying to roll it out immediately. In complex situations, careful planning is required to ensure that the implementation phase goes smoothly.

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    Work Plan and Project Schedule, Milestones and Measurements, Identify Rewards and Incentives

  • Implementation

    The history of business is littered with examples of brilliant strategies and plans which failed miserably because of poor implementation. Many strategies and most strategic initiatives require a change in behavior from employees. Change management is a critical aspect of implementing any complex strategy or initiative.

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    Why would anyone want to be a coal miner? It’s certainly respectable work, but it’s also dangerous and comes with a high probability of medical problems. I gained a little bit of unexpected insight into this question at the end of a book I recently finished. 

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